Active Directory Logging

What Does Active Directory Logging Mean?

Active directory logging monitors network activity within the Active Directory tool utilized in Microsoft Windows domain networks. The Active Directory service authenticates users and workstations in a Windows network, and handles security policy and other aspects of network administration.


Techopedia Explains Active Directory Logging

Active Directory logging can involve setting various registry options to decide which types of events are logged. These range from zero to five, where only critical events and error events are logged at zero, but at five, many other types of events are logged for Active Directory. Administrators can use other tools to decide whether specific types of events get logged and tracked within the system.

Active Directory logging can be an essential part of security for compliance with rules like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley – because the Active Directory is so central to user accounts, policies and other elements of the system, it makes sense that companies should use Active Directory logging to keep tabs on what is happening inside of a network.


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