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Hybrid Active Directory

What Does Hybrid Active Directory Mean?

A hybrid Active Directory tool uses multiple methods or components to deal with identity access and other network considerations. The original MS Active Directory was designed to help administrate a Windows domain. Today’s access control and management paradigms may be more sophisticated.

A hybrid Active Directory tool is also known as a hybrid identity tool.


Techopedia Explains Hybrid Active Directory

Many hybrid identity systems involving Active Directory use utilize some form of Active Directory tool on the on-premise side of the architecture, and another on the cloud side. Microsoft has also created new AD tools, for example, Azure AD, described as a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution managing all sorts of user and group identity access control elements. MS Azure AD may be used in conjunction with MS Azure AD Connect, which connects Azure AD to other solutions. Another tool called SQL Database, formerly known as SQL Azure Database, integrates with the traditional Microsoft Active Directory. Any multi-piece Active Directory or access management tool could be called a “hybrid Active Directory” resource.



Hybrid Identity Tool

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