Mailbox Data

What Does Mailbox Data Mean?

Mailbox data is all of the data that is attached to any email software from an email provider. Different providers have their own sets of mailbox data that can be exported to other software environments. Mailbox data is more than just email – it includes contacts and other types of data sets.


Techopedia Explains Mailbox Data

One of the best examples of mailbox data is the data contained in the Microsoft Outlook email system. Microsoft Outlook augments basic email functionality with things like calendars, journaling features and more. The entire set of mailbox data that can be exported for Microsoft Outlook includes contacts, calendar items, messages, journal entries, and notes and documents.

All of these different types of data have their own formats and specifications. Different software programs offer various techniques for exporting mailbox data and working with these diverse data sets. Microsoft provides an “export mailbox” cmdlet process to export all of this diverse data from a user’s Microsoft Outlook account.


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