Amazon Redshift

What Does Amazon Redshift Mean?

Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse cloud service that helps
companies to store and analyze large amounts of data, up to the petabyte scale.
This on-demand data warehousing service works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a
popular platform for business intelligence and analytics.


Techopedia Explains Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift works on the premise of collecting several nodes and creating an Amazon Redshift cluster. Clients can provision this cluster and upload data, then use complex data analysis queries to obtain business intelligence analysis.

Many Amazon Redshift users describe the system as being fast and relatively affordable in the initial stages. AWS compatibility is also a benefit of the service. Amazon Redshift is seen as an alternative to using Apache Hadoop and Hive, open source software for an open, community-supported platform. There is a consensus that high performance and low costs are key advantages of using Amazon Redshift, but that this platform may require more manual controls or detailed design work than others, because it does not enforce certain standards for data. Questions have also arisen about the security for this platform.

Users can get more information about how to use Amazon Redshift with resources like the Amazon Redshift Management Overview and Cluster Management Guide available directly from Amazon.


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