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Data In Motion

Last updated: February 16, 2017

What Does Data In Motion Mean?

Data in motion refers to a stream of data moving through any kind of network. It is one of the two major states of data, the other being data at rest. It can be considered the opposite of data at rest as it represents data which is being transferred or moved, while data at rest is data which is static and is not moving anywhere. For example, an email being sent is an example of data in motion. However, when it arrives in the recipient's inbox, it would then become data at rest.

Data in motion is also known as data in transit or data in flight.


Techopedia Explains Data In Motion

The term data in motion quite literally refers to data when it is moving from one place to another. For transportation of data in this manner, many different types of networks can be used. This includes the internet or email. Since a network contains many nodes where different clients are connected to the same network, data in motion has to be protected in order to make it more secure. This process is referred to as encryption.

Data in motion is a very important part of big data analytics. Processing this data in real time can help an organization analyze the latest trends as they are occurring. However, it is very difficult to process this kind of data, so newer techniques have to be used for this than for data at rest. Data in motion is a very important asset which, if used properly, can help an organization to gain powerful insights.



Data In Transit, Data In Flight

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