Elastic Block Store

What Does Elastic Block Store Mean?

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a service offered by
Amazon that stores information for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Amazon EBS offers
persistent block storage in the Amazon
Web Services (AWS) cloud system. It is a greater part of AWS, which is built on new cloud computing models and state-of-the-art
enterprise service architectures.


Techopedia Explains Elastic Block Store

Essentially, Amazon Elastic Block Store offers those critical benefits that are part of highly virtualized or abstracted architectures. It offers protection from component failure, and redundancy and backup, with high availability and, per its name, elasticity. EBS also offers scalability and price flexibility for customers.

Although Amazon Elastic Block Store is an example of bringing cloud power to storage, it is not a panacea. Some system administrators have concerns about the ways that EBS abstracts data storage and, in the words of one blogger, “violates the principle of boundaries” – the idea is that without physical disk storage, systems might experience problems with latency or hard-to-fix failures, even as they may realize higher performance benchmarks. In the end, how far to go with vendor storage concepts is a bit of a trade-off for many engineers who recognize the various pros and cons of sending data into a very diversified and highly partitioned storage environment.


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