Converged Fabric

What Does Converged Fabric Mean?

Converged fabric is one of several terms circling around the
idea of converged infrastructure, a concept for bundling IT components into a
single package for efficiency purposes. As vendors and others work to describe
and define converged infrastructure, terms like “converged fabric” and “fabric-based
computing” have emerged. Converged infrastructures offer the ability to manage
various parts of a system in the same central module or unit.


Techopedia Explains Converged Fabric

Convergence may include consolidating storage components, management components and automation tools. For example, a converged fabric system might converge management, migration and iSCSI storage facilities into one converged bundle.

Engineers can experiment with creating converged fabrics with tools like Powershell scripts to serve hypervisor and server infrastructure. The end result should be an efficient and workable system that, instead of keeping functionality in silos, consolidates it in order to promote best results.


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