Push Alert

What Does Push Alert Mean?

A push alert is a message that a software app sends to a user in order to inform them of something, such as a necessary upgrade or a product advertisement. Although these alerts are generally “pushed” to the user automatically or at the discretion of the software, many apps allow users to manage their push alert settings so that they can control the frequency and/or content of the alerts.


A push alert is also known as a push notification.

Techopedia Explains Push Alert

The push alert was developed largely as a method by which marketers could reach mobile device users. After the iPhone was introduced in 2007, mobile device usage spiked significantly, opening up a great deal of opportunity for new methods in digital marketing through enhanced communication technology.

Since the advent of the iPhone, smartphone technology has normalized the software app as a common utility for consumers seeking any number of digital solutions. Although push notifications were at first perceived as somewhat intrusive by users, the year 2015 saw a dramatic shift in positive responses to push alerts, including increased customer retention and user engagement.


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