Data Janitor

What Does Data Janitor Mean?

A data janitor is a person who is designated to take large amounts of big data and condense it into information that businesses can act upon. Most data janitors spend their time looking through large amounts of data and interpreting it.


Data janitors may also be referred to as data wranglers.

Techopedia Explains Data Janitor

As more businesses make use of big data, being able to make sense of the data is an important skill. This is where data janitors come in. These people are employed to sift through large amounts of data and turn it into useful information for businesses. Cleaning and sifting through data takes up the majority of data analysis. Many data scientists are employed as data janitors.

Data janitors spend their time defining relationships between data points, extracting data, organizing it and loading the data. The data janitors then use the data to create visualizations and reports to show to key decision makers in a company.


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