Data Boomerang

What Does Data Boomerang Mean?

A data boomerang is when in-house IT staff are asked to manage a project that was previously deployed on the cloud. The term is used by analogy with the “boomerang generation” of young adults moving back in with their parents. IT administrators are tasked with maintaining data that they thought would be hosted in the cloud permanently.


Techopedia Explains Data Boomerang

A data boomerang occurs when in-house IT staff find themselves maintaining a project – and its data – that had been hosted in the cloud. There are various reasons that this can happen. The original developers might have moved on to other projects, leaving IT staff to manage resources that used the cloud in testing and have been moved to production in the cloud.

According to Bernard Golden, writing in CIO, businesses can mitigate the boomerang effect by developing a cloud strategy quickly, offering certified developer stacks and implementing a cloud management system.


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