Machine Learning as a Service

What Does Machine Learning as a Service Mean?

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) is a range of machine learning (ML) tools offered by cloud service providers. As of this writing, popular MLaaS offerings include Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Azure ML, IBM Watson Machine Learning and Google Cloud ML.


MLaaS providers typically offer tools that support artificial intelligence (AI) tasks, including ML learning algorithm training and tuning, data preprocessing, data visualization, facial recognition, natural language processing, predictive analytics, preventive analytics and deep learning. The provider’s data centers handle the actual computation.

Techopedia Explains Machine Learning as a Service

Machine learning as a service refers to a number of services cloud providers are offering. The main attraction of these services is that customers can get started quickly with machine learning without having to install software or provision their own servers, just like any other cloud service.

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MLaaS provides developers with easy access to data modeling APIs, machine learning algorithms, data transformations and predictive analytics tools. MLaaS is often offered on a limited trial basis for developers to evaluate before committing to a platform.


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