Function as a Service

What Does Function as a Service Mean?

Function as a service (FaaS) refers to cloud services that enable serverless app development and management. This basically means that FaaS users are able to conduct their programming (and other tasks) without the hassle of managing their own server(s). Strings of code are triggered by events on the user end, and basically outsourced to remote servers that are able to execute the intended functions.


Techopedia Explains Function as a Service

Like all “as a service” models, FaaS is a method of using cloud technology to enable higher efficiency in computer workflows and processes. It was first introduced in 2014 with, but was popularized by Amazon’s AWS Lambda, as well as Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions. In addition to those, IBM has an open-source FaaS system called OpenWhisk, and the rideshare company Uber has a FaaS that runs over their private platform.


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