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What Does Online Service Mean?

An online service refers to any information and services provided over the Internet. These services not only allow subscribers to communicate with each other, but they also provide unlimited access to information. Online services can range from simple to complex. A basic online service may help subscribers gain needed data through a search engine, while a complex one might be an online mortgage application from a bank. Online services may be free or paid.


Techopedia Explains Online Service

Online services were first introduced in 1979 through CompuServe and The Source. These organizations were generated to provide for the needs of personal computer subscribers, and they paved the way for data accessibility. These early services made use of text-based interfaces in order to allow subscribers to browse through current events, join special interest groups and communicate with other subscribers. Soon after, more services popped up like America Online, Prodigy, DELPHI and many more. As the Internet became more popular, these organizations adapted to include Web access. Online services are now so common, prevalent and often even free that most subscribers do not even realize that they are using one.


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