Cluster Capacity Dashboard

What Does Cluster Capacity Dashboard Mean?

Cluster capacity dashboard is a feature of VMware’s virtualization software that allows administrators to see the usage of clusters of virtual servers at a glance. A cluster capacity dashboard is created using XML in vCenter Operations Manager. The dashboard shows attributes such as CPU usage, disk usage, and memory usage.


Techopedia Explains Cluster Capacity Dashboard

The cluster capacity dashboard is a feature of VMware vCenter Operations Manager that allows administrators of clusters to build dashboards that show the status of virtual machine clusters. These dashboards are created with XML using instructions that have been provided on a VMware company blog post.

The dashboard shows information such as CPU usage, number of hosts, number of datastores and the ratio of CPU and memory consumption to provision based on consumer demand. The dashboard is also color-coded, with green meaning that everything is OK, and red and yellow meaning that something requires attention from an administrator.


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