Mixed Reality

What Does Mixed Reality Mean?

Mixed reality, also known as extended reality (XR), is a hybrid environment that includes both real-world and digital elements.


The term mixed reality is often used interchangeably with the term augmented reality. In some business applications, however, augmented reality is used to specifically describe a virtual overlay, such as a digital overlay on a car windshield, while the term "mixed reality" is used to describe more advanced AR environments that allow virtual objects to be manipulated.

Techopedia Explains Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a type of hybrid system that involves both physical and virtual elements. Many experts describe mixed reality as the sliding scale between a fully physical environment with no virtual elements, and a completely virtual environment.

In addition, many other mixed reality projects experiment with adding virtual phenomena to the physical world. For example, some mixed reality projects involve adding digital avatars or holograms, or other virtual images and displays to a physical installation to innovate human experience. Other types of mixed reality projects include building devices and technologies that simulate physical human senses that are more difficult to simulate, such as taste, touch and smell.


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