Last updated: May 28, 2019

What Does Microservices Mean?

Microservices is the idea of offering a broader platform, application or service as a collection of combined services. These microservices provide specialized, fine-grained cooperation that makes up the more comprehensive architecture model.


Techopedia Explains Microservices

The use of microservices in apps can be structured in many different ways. Within the application, a microservice does one defined job – for example, authenticating users, generating a particular data model or creating a particular report. The idea is that these microservices, which are often language-agnostic, can fit into any type of app and communicate or cooperate with each other to achieve the overall goal. Microservices may, for example, share information through HTTP protocol. In a way, microservices are similar to individual functions in a code base, in that they provide a decentralized way to look at computing tasks within that overall app model.



Microservice Architecture

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