Apache Portals Project

What Does Apache Portals Project Mean?

The Apache Portals Project is a software development project that makes commercial-quality portal software for a wide variety of platforms and programming languages freely available. Apache Portals software is developed and managed collaboratively by a group of independent and corporate experts worldwide, who plan, discuss and develop the software by communicating over the Internet.


Companies are increasingly adopting enterprise portals to provide a single point of entry for employees, partners and customers as well as make Web services accessible from anywhere and on any device. The Apache Portals Project aims to provide high-quality applications for businesses looking to implement an enterprise portal.

Techopedia Explains Apache Portals Project

A portal is a single point, gateway, or website that functions as an access to a variety of information, tools, applications and services for users. The Apache Portals Project is designed to access the many Internet resources to take advantage of developing technologies as well as more mature software systems.

The Project’s mission is to promote the use of open-source portal technology through Java and W3C standards, portal implementations (such as Cocoon Portal, Jetspeed-1, Jetspeed-2 and PHP Portals (being developed)), standardized working portal applications (such as Jetspeed Content Replication Engine and Jetspeed Portal Administration Application), the framework and tools for developing portal software, and portal interoperability frameworks and tools for programming languages such as Java, Perl, PHP, Python and others.


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