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What Does Avahi Mean?

Avahi is a free system or implementation designed to allow inexperienced users to set up and operate a computer network. It immediately allows programs to publish and discover services and hosts – all without any specific configuration, which is why it’s called a “zeroconf” system or implementation.


Techopedia Explains Avahi

Avahi allows a user to plug a computer into a network and automatically locate printers, data files and other users to communicate with. Plus, if special advertised services are located on the newly connected computer, these will be available to other network users as well.

Avahi was created by Lennart Poettering and Trent Lloyd in early 2004. The name comes from the Latin word for a woolly lemur, a primate native to Madagascar. Avahi’s logo and software are free and can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


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