What Does Kubernetes Mean?

The Kubernetes container system is an open-source system for container virtualization. It is a popular part of new enterprise plans to streamline IT services and architectures, for example, the creation of microservices or new application containment systems that help companies to enhance their processes and build a “DevOps” or agile development model.


Techopedia Explains Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a Greek word for “governor” or “helmsman.” This technology was founded by several engineers, Joe Beda, Brendan Burns and Craig McLuckie, around 2014. It is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as an open-source way to pursue container use.

Kubernetes works on a pod system where multiple containers engaged in the same pod share hosting and resources. A controller helps to run Kubernetes pods, and various pods can work together to provide services.

As a dominant player in open-source containerization, Kubernetes can also be mixed and matched with other technologies to form the basis for a cutting-edge new enterprise system. Companies of all shapes and sizes are pursuing Kubernetes-oriented platforms as a way of modernizing for the years ahead.


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