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Operation BugDrop

What Does Operation BugDrop Mean?

Operation BugDrop is a type of malware program can eavesdrop on users by accessing computer components and recording audio or video. Operation BugDrop can also take screenshots, or sneak a look at documents through remote access.


Techopedia Explains Operation BugDrop

Operation BugDrop dates back to 2016, when a firm called CyberX found this type of malware operation active in the Ukraine.

Operation BugDrop exports data to the file sharing program Dropbox. One way to recognize an infected system is by looking at whether large amounts of network traffic are directed to Dropbox on a regular basis.

Essentially, Operation BugDrop turns a regular computer or device into a bug or spy monitor. This type of attack has received some notoriety for its unique way of compromising a user’s privacy. The idea that a built-in webcam can be passively used to monitor a user is a disturbing example of the ways that hackers can use the internet and remote access principles to attack systems.


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