Rust Programming Language

What Does Rust Programming Language Mean?

Rust programming language is a computer language with object-oriented characteristics that's often prized as an alternative to traditional C++.


While it's syntactically similar to C++, it also has its own range of features that make it a multi-paradigm programming language that's getting a lot of attention.

For example, some cite a broad user base and low overhead as practical benefits of using Rust, while others point to different types of functionality, like the ability for Rust to be compiled into Web Assembly.

Techopedia Explains Rust Programming Language

As the perennial winner of a StackOverflow survey, Rust represents a popular choice for developers. Some say they prefer Rust because using Rust makes it harder to write code with memory leaks in it; others cite cross-platform use and faster compilation as draws.

Rust has its own software libraries and a helpful compiler, according to some users, and is relatively easy to read.

The Rust compiler is dual-licensed under MIT and Apache.


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