Hot Data

What Does Hot Data Mean?

Hot data is data that is frequently accessed and transferred within a given system. Hot data is always in demand and in transit, not stored for long periods of time, and archive requirements for dealing with hot data may be more than those for cold data that is likely to be collected and then sit in a static archive.


Techopedia Explains Hot Data

Businesses look at all sorts of ways to improve the handling of hot data. Many of these processes relate to data resolution, where ACID or BASE data consistency principles apply to getting redundant data to match within a system, and getting real-time updates where they are needed. For many companies that need to manipulate hot data, the volume of data is large enough to require in-depth inspection of data containers and technologies like Hadoop, with metadata or other tags or indicators that help to organize where all of the data is, and where it is going. Companies also must have sufficient infrastructure for hot data handling, such as particular volumes of storage or cloud-sourced vendor provisions.


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