What Does ChatOps Mean?

The phrase chatOps is used to talk about new platforms and technologies that connect work and the people that work on projects through chat interactivity.


It's a somewhat unique and new take on the idea of digital chat technology where messaging apps have allowed us to bridge various communication barriers in unprecedented ways.

Techopedia Explains ChatOps

Although experts define chatOps as chat-integrated platforms offering workstream collaboration utilities, one good way to describe chatOps is to give specific examples of new companies and platforms that have adopted this type of functionality.

One of the most famous ones is Slack – a messaging app that has integrated various features for workforce collaboration and project management. Slack has taken over some areas of the tech world as a collaborative chatOps platform where direct messaging is a crucial and integral component.

Microsoft came out with its own flavor of chatOps, MS Teams, and other chatOps platforms are proliferating across the world of enterprise technology in order to enable new software development projects and other initiatives to move at the speed of chat.


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