Service Assurance Platform

What Does Service Assurance Platform Mean?

A service assurance platform helps to deliver a better quality of service across a network. Service assurance platforms typically focus on particular software services such as a popular business package related to various enterprise utilities. The service assurance platform helps to remove barriers to access and other key problems.


Techopedia Explains Service Assurance Platform

The idea of a service assurance platform is closely related to service performance, which varies according to different definitions. In general, it involves analysts looking at service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and how they work. How well do applications deliver data? Who has access and how much access do they have? These and other types of related questions are answered with an effective service assurance platform that delivers insight into performance and use. Many of the services that are optimized with service assurance platforms are cloud-delivered services – for example, a Microsoft service assurance system helps to provide access and performance for Office 365, which is now provided through the internet to users.


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