Click And Collect

What Does Click And Collect Mean?

“Click and collect” is a hybrid e-commerce system where customers order goods online and pick them up in a store or at some agreed-upon location.


Click and collect is also referred to as “buy online, pickup in store” or BOPUS.

Techopedia Explains Click And Collect

In recent years, click and collect has become a popular way for shoppers to efficiently purchase items online. It can be particularly convenient for larger orders. Companies that are competing with Amazon or other big retailers offer these types of options to customers in order to retain market share.

In a sense, click and collect shows how, rather than creating virtual worlds for humans to live in, technologies often take a different shape. Complementary technologies can enhance the ways in which people live without destroying the natural systems that they live in – for instance, assistive technologies are in many ways more complementary than an emerging artificial intelligence that is completely disconnected from human consciousness, and does not rely on humans whatsoever.


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