What Does Martech Mean?

The term “martech” is a portmanteau combining the terms “marketing” and “technology.” As such, martech represents the intersection of marketing and technology in today’s highly digital business world. Any type of technology that has a bearing on marketing operations can be called “martech” whether it is a part of an analysis platform, a device-facing benchmark tool, or any other type of digital or high-tech resource.


Techopedia Explains Martech

Examples of martech are abundant in today’s societies. Any social media marketing, or any marketing that takes place in a digital environment, is an example of martech. Any marketing that is tracked with digital systems is likewise an example of martech. If a business uses technology of any kind to deliver or track coupons, that is also martech.

Businesses may use martech designs to develop templates for messaging, organizing fulfillment campaigns, or even to tie marketing to other types of software such as customer relationship management or inventory management platforms. The applications of martech are nearly endless, which is why this buzzword is so much a part of talent recruiting and hiring in today’s marketing world.


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