What Does FlexBook Mean?

FlexBook is a textbook platform which is open source and is used for creating and editing collaborative text books. It is maintained by the CK-12 foundation, a non-profit organization, which is focused on reducing the cost of text materials in the K-12 market.


Techopedia Explains FlexBook

FlexBook works on a Web-based collaborative model, in which a user can modify or create content, producing a custom textbook. Easy editing of content is possible, and FlexBook is available to users in PDF, ePub, HTML and AZW forms. Another feature of Flexbook is the fact that the textbooks can be designed to suit the user’s learning style, or other criteria such as skill level, language or local customs, all while adhering to the local education standards.

There are many benefits associated with FlexBooks. First of all, it provides free access to textbooks. It is a less expensive and flexible approach to teaching and learning. The content can be customized to reflect today’s needs or to address the different needs of students while the quality is ensured by CK-12’s community. This also helps to ensure the educational content created by the educators is of high quality. For teachers, FlexBooks increase pedagogic choices while being aligned to standards and with correct content. FlexBooks are well supported by tools for fast and easy content creation, modification and distribution.


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