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Autonomous Robot

What Does Autonomous Robot Mean?

An autonomous robot is a robot that is designed and engineered to deal with its environment on its own, and work for extended periods of time without human intervention. Autonomous robots often have sophisticated features that can help them to understand their physical environment and automate parts of their maintenance and direction that used to be done by human hands.


Techopedia Explains Autonomous Robot

Some examples of autonomous robots include autonomous cleaning robots like Roomba, medical delivery robots, and other robots that move freely around a physical space without being physically guided by humans. By contrast, when many people think of robots, it is of factory robots or others that are in a fixed workstation, or those that are controlled by a human user.

Autonomous robots typically go about their work without any human interaction unless that human interaction is necessary as part of their task. Many of these robots have sensors and other functional gear that helps them to see any obstacles in their way, or navigate rooms, hallways or some other sort of environment. Complex delivery robots can even be programmed to use elevators and move throughout a multi-story building with complete autonomy. However, autonomous robots still need to be maintained physically.


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