What Does Mechatronics Mean?

Mechatronics is a broad engineering field that is based on evaluating mechanical and electrical engineering systems, and working with mechanical and electrical systems. Mechatronics blends mechanical skills and tasks with electronic design. It is sometimes seen as a field similar to robotics.


Techopedia Explains Mechatronics

As some experts point out, mechatronics is an industry that plays a significant role in manufacturing. Companies end up needing professionals who have a mix of mechanical and electrical skill sets. This serves the use of technologies like PLC programming in manufacturing, and CNC machining in metal working or parts production – these are just some examples of how mechatronics is very relevant to a given business. Another example is where sophisticated manufacturing or production systems work on the basis of a complex interconnected system of machines, sensors and other equipment – where someone with a mechatronics background can really be useful. So although mechatronics does intersect with robotics, it is often applied to industries and systems that would not be considered robotic, but that would be described as complex mechanical and electrical systems.


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