Bidirectional Search

What Does Bidirectional Search Mean?

Bidirectional search is a type of search and sort activity that combines two directional approaches, so that the generator in question searches in two directions at the same time.


Using this method can decrease the amount of search activity needed to achieve a particular result.

Techopedia Explains Bidirectional Search

Experts sometimes define bidirectional search as a "brute force search algorithm" that requires an explicit goal state or orienting desired result in order to proceed. Another way to think about bidirectional search is that it's in contrast to a single directional search that only goes from the top of the system to the bottom.

In some ways, bidirectional search is similar to the process of backpropagation in machine learning, where artificial neural networks are built with the ability to feed outputs back into previous neural layers.

Bidirectional search, in search architecture, represents an efficiency that changes outcomes in algorithmic classification or search attempts.


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