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Cognitive Security

What Does Cognitive Security Mean?

Cognitive security is the idea of utilizing artificial intelligence to improve digital security systems. Bringing AI to the security world is expected to improve comprehensive security a great deal in systems that are otherwise vulnerable to a wide range of threats from hackers and other malicious actors.


Techopedia Explains Cognitive Security

Using techniques such as data mining, natural processing and various forms of automation, cognitive security applications can significantly improve how businesses and government entities guard their systems from hackers. One critical part of improving security with cognitive security applications involves lowering dwell time or incident response time. When there is a breach of a system or exploit of a vulnerability, time is of the essence. Cognitive security tools can help by making the investigative process more sophisticated and much quicker overall.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are advancing at an astounding pace and being implemented in many different ways in various industries. Cognitive security is sure to be one interesting and diverse application of artificial intelligence to modern science.


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