Cloud Orchestration

What Does Cloud Orchestration Mean?

Cloud orchestration describes the arrangement of cloud automation processes to serve particular goals. Where cloud automation typically handles a single task, cloud orchestration helps to automate collections of tasks and generally streamline business processes.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Orchestration

Experts talk about "cloud orchestration" when they talk about serving architectures with multiple cloud automation components. For example, suppose there is customer data in a particular cloud database, and the company wants to route the data to other parts of the network to serve users in real time. Suppose they have to blend it with other data from another source, and use middleware to communicate all of this messaging to a set of end users. When all of these different things are done through different cloud automation processes, the result is cloud orchestration. Vendors talk about offering different cloud orchestration services and how that supports their clients’ operations. Cloud orchestration is one of the more sophisticated services offered to B2B customers to keep enterprise systems in good working order.


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