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What Does Snarf Mean?

Snarf is simple object-oriented and prototype style programming language extension created for the Lisp programming language. It was created in the same vein as JavaScript, Python, NewtonScript and SELF and was made to be simpler and more elegant, yet slower than the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS). Snarf is a very small extension composed of only 400 lines and is contained in a single file.


Techopedia Explains Snarf

Snarf is simple, typeless and uses prototype-style and single inheritance object oriented language. It is not blazingly fast and depends on the system’s hash table implementation quality for speed.

Snarf contains no classes, only objects, which are simply collections (dictionary) of key-value (<name, value> pairs called SLOTs) pairs. These can have names that are considered symbols; the "value" can be anything. These objects may have parents and inherit key-value pairs in single inheritance fashion. The "value" can contain a special function called a "method", which is similar to how Python, JavaScript, SELF and NewtonScript handle things.


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