Mobile Robotics

What Does Mobile Robotics Mean?

Mobile robotics is the industry related to creating mobile robots, which are robots that can move around in a physical environment. Mobile robots are generally controlled by software and use sensors and other gear to identify their surroundings. Mobile robots combine the progress in artificial intelligence with physical robotics, which allows them to navigate their surroundings.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Robotics

Two types of mobile robotics are autonomous and non-autonomous mobile robots. Autonomous mobile robots can explore their environment without external guidance, while guided robots use some type of guidance system to move. Other semi-stationary robots have a small range of movement.

The field of mobile robotics is important today as companies look at how to utilize artificial intelligence. For instance, those looking at the consumer electronics world might remark that although autonomous mobile robots have been around for a while, they are not often represented in consumer offerings – for instance, in items like Alexa and other virtual tools that are stationary rather than robotic. One could ask when the new AI robotic consumer products are going to make their debut in global markets.


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