Hadoop Cluster

What Does Hadoop Cluster Mean?

A Hadoop cluster is a hardware cluster used to facilitate utilization of open-source Hadoop technology for data handling. The cluster consists of a group of nodes, which are processes running on either a physical or virtual machine. The Hadoop cluster works in coordination to deal with unstructured data and produce data results.


Techopedia Explains Hadoop Cluster

The Hadoop cluster works on a master/slave model. A node called NameNode is the Hadoop master. This node communicates with various DataNode nodes in the cluster to support operations. Hadoop clusters typically also use other Apache open-source technologies like Apache MapReduce and Apache Yarn – the Yarn scheduler helps to direct collaborative activity by various nodes in the system, which may be running on virtual machines or containers. In general, Hadoop clusters are used for all sorts of enterprise technologies and predictive analytics, product and service development, customer relationship management and much more.


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