Developer Evangelist

What Does Developer Evangelist Mean?

A developer evangelist is a specific role within a company's engineering team that is focused on bridging internal and external communications. The developer evangelist typically maintains a presence as an "ambassador" for the company, interacting with the outside world through social media and in person.


A developer evangelist is also known as a technology evangelist, technical evangelist or technology advocate.

Techopedia Explains Developer Evangelist

A developer evangelist is typically a skilled developer, but does not actually spend most of his or her time writing code. Instead, the developer evangelist is essentially going out into the community to spread the news about what his or her company is doing, build relationships, and participate in a kind of "developer ecosystem." Part of this job would often entail communicating with both corporate developers, and those working on open-source technologies who are unconnected to a proprietary license product and brand.

The developer evangelist job is heavy on communications. In posting a job opening for this particular role, a Microsoft post defines the developer evangelist's mission as "to secure platform adoption and revenue growth through evangelism, community engagement, relationship marketing and a vibrant solutions ecosystem."

Experts point out that developer evangelists need both technical and communication skills, a passion for technology, and ways to articulate technical concepts to diverse audiences.


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