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Host-Based Firewall

What Does Host-Based Firewall Mean?

A host-based firewall is a piece of firewall software that runs on an individual computer or device connected to a network. These types of firewalls are a granular way to protect the individual hosts from viruses and malware, and to control the spread of these harmful infections throughout the network.


Techopedia Explains Host-Based Firewall

Some companies use host-based firewalls in addition to perimeter-based firewalls in order to enhance internal security. For example, some of the malware attacks that may get past a perimeter firewall can be stopped at the individual device or workstation, using a host-based firewall.

A host-based firewall setup can also be simpler for some users. The host-based firewall can also be configured to the particular computer, where customization can make the firewall more effective.


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