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Anchor Text

What Does Anchor Text Mean?

The anchor text on a webpage is the highlighted text that is clickable for a hyperlink. Many people refer to that text as a hyperlink, but technically, anchor text is a proper term to describe the text. The anchor text is the full set of characters that comprises the link itself.


Techopedia Explains Anchor Text

As a way to designate text that is, or will be, hyperlinked, anchor text has become a useful term in the world of SEO and digital marketing in general. An editor might send a brief designating “anchor text” indicating that someone else should write a piece and plug in the hyperlink for the given anchor text that is provided. This can be a significant part of crafting web sites for maximal SEO and digital marketing results. Anchor text is also an apt term for the hyperlink tags as people brainstorm about the use of hyperlinks, since they can help with “anchoring” pages in the internet structure, such as for Google rankings or other purposes.


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