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What Does Xvid Mean?

Xvid is a popular open-source video compression technology. The video codec was developed as an open-source alternative to other commercial video codecs like DivX. The video compression of Xvid is based on MPEG-4 and provides good enough quality compression for a full-length DVD movie to fit onto single CD, while the original image quality is maintained.


Techopedia Explains Xvid

Xvid helps in compressing and decompressing the MPEG-4 ASP format. It makes use of ASP features like:

  • Lumi masking
  • Quantization matrices
  • B-frames
  • H.263
  • MPEG
  • Quarter-pixel motion compensation

Xvid can be used on all platforms and operating systems where the source code can be executed. The Xvid codec compresses video files at a ratio of 200:1 or more compared to the original video. As a result, this makes transmitting the video files faster and also helps users to save significant space on their computer. Xvid encoded files can be written onto a DVD or a CD and can be played on DivX compatible players.

Compared to other codes, Xvid can compress video without causing visible quality loss. More advanced compression features are possible in Xvid and there is greater control of final file size. However, compared to DivX, Xvid can be a bit more difficult to configure. It is also slightly less common than DivX.


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