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Assortment Intelligence

What Does Assortment Intelligence Mean?

Assortment intelligence refers to the process of using available data on assortment to position a company's product line according to data from competitors. It’s a new part of what software vendors offer to e-commerce shops and other retailers able to use this sort of analysis for effective insights.


Techopedia Explains Assortment Intelligence

Essentially, assortment intelligence works on the same principle as other types of assortment analysis, for example, assortment optimization. The business in question is researching demand for products, to try to get its own assortment or product line optimized for purchasers. How does the business know what people want? This is done by using specific types of assortment analysis.

The consensus on assortment intelligence is that the term is generally used for talking about research across a number of companies, to see the greater market context, which would, of course, be described as “doing assortment research on competitors.” In general, assortment intelligence is valuable knowledge about what a specific market wants — knowledge that the e-commerce retailer uses to build or alter a product line.


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