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Data Scraping

What Does Data Scraping Mean?

Data scraping is commonly defined as a system where a technology extracts data from a particular codebase or program. Data scraping provides results for a variety of uses and automates aspects of data aggregation.


Techopedia Explains Data Scraping

There are many ways that businesses use data scraping to their advantage. In almost any case where there is a large body of information, data scraping can function as a way of collecting this data and getting it into useful formats. For instance, in a variant of data scraping called web scraping, a company may take an enormous volume of information from a document or file and format it into an Excel spreadsheet for later use. For example, if there are thousands of real estate listings on the website, a real estate company could scrape that data from the web and get it into a useful format for outreach or classification purposes.


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