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Two-Tier Enterprise Resource Planning

What Does Two-Tier Enterprise Resource Planning Mean?

A two-tiered enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a system where the company utilizes two separate ERP platforms. This is done for various reasons and in various ways, but typically involves augmenting a legacy system with a new different system to be used at additional business locations.


Techopedia Explains Two-Tier Enterprise Resource Planning

As a way of de-coupling or untethering two operational business layers, two-tiered ERP has particular kinds of utility for businesses that scale and grow. For instance, one commonly cited model is where the business will retain the legacy system at headquarters, but utilize a new system out in the field and in franchises or retail locations.

Two-tiered enterprise resource planning has vast potential for many industries and can be a useful way to modernize systems without making each upgrade a comprehensive business project.


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