Neural Turing Machine

What Does Neural Turing Machine Mean?

A neural Turing machine (NTM) is a technology that uses neural network methodologies to achieve the capability to verify algorithms and do other computational work. It is based on the mid-20th century work of renowned data scientist Alan Turing.


Techopedia Explains Neural Turing Machine

Many recognize Alan Turing as the inventor of the theory of the Turing test – a model where technologies become capable of interacting with humans in specific ways. Unlike the Turing Test, the Turing machine does not have to do with human interaction. A Turing machine, classically, was a machine that used memory to process inputs and learn about algorithms from the sets of inputs and outputs that the program was able to utilize. A neural Turing machine is a Turing machine that does this sort of computation on the backs of neural network technologies – with weighted inputs and the ability to use backpropagation to learn more about how the neural network works.


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