Social Media Manager

What Does Social Media Manager Mean?

A social media manager is a professional who maintains social media content and platforms for an employer. A social media manager is generally involved in the process of generating, curating, editing, posting and managing a "life cycle" for social media posts and content.


Techopedia Explains Social Media Manager

In an age where social media is so much a part of e-commerce, the social media manager’s job has become somewhat sharply defined. A social media manager will often work on social media engagement and develop social media programs and campaigns based on targets. Social media managers may work on influencer marketing and craft calls to action for a company’s product or service line. In addition to managing regular day-to-day activities such as editing and posting, social media managers may develop reports or participate in meetings on long-term branding strategy and more.

A master of business administration is helpful in pursuing a job as a social media manager as well as some digital or coding skills.


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