Progressive Web App

What Does Progressive Web App Mean?

A progressive web app (PWA) is a browser-based application that has become an alternative to a native mobile app. Experts describe PWAs as web apps that “look and feel” similar to a native mobile app.


Techopedia Explains Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps have certain benefits that have led them to become a popular alternative to native mobile apps. Progressive web apps can be deployed on any browser and have highly responsive construction. They can have all of the capability and mobile design of native mobile apps.

The biggest benefit, in many cases, is that progressive web apps do not require the user to log into an app store and acquire an app. Instead, users can just click on a link or perform some other command and get the app straight through the internet. Taking down this barrier to user acquisition has resulted in extreme increases in user engagement for apps that have been tested as PWAs.

Mobile is taking up more and more of the technology space – and progressive web apps are filling a particular function. By streamlining the ways that we use mobile applications, progressive web apps are sure to become a building block of the mobile interface for as long as it represents a significant portion of e-commerce and user activity.


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