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Low-Code/No-Code Development (LCNC Development)

What Does Low-Code/No-Code Development (LCNC Development) Mean?

Low-code/no-code (LCNC) development refers to an environment where visual drag-and-drop applications or similar tools allow individuals and teams to program applications without a lot of linear coding. These types of systems help the IT world to deal with a lack of skilled developers and streamline the emergence of new applications and interfaces.


Techopedia Explains Low-Code/No-Code Development (LCNC Development)

For example, a traditional way of creating a smartphone application involved a skilled professional engineer writing code. With low-code/no-code environments, virtual studios make it easier for less skilled programmers to simply choose visual icons and components of an application and drop them into the model. Like some studios for object-oriented languages like Microsoft Visual Basic, the studio environment alleviates a lot of the line-by-line coding requirements by offering a type of plug-and-play design philosophy.


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