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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

What Does Artificial Intelligence Engineer Mean?

An artificial intelligence engineer is someone whose job is to identify the right approach to using AI to solve a specific business problem. In the enterprise, AI engineers typically work closely with machine learning engineers to develop and deploy learning algorithms that can use historical and real-time data to predict future events. In smaller companies, the same person (AI/ML engineer) may be responsible for both AI strategy and implementation.


AI engineers need a strong background in math and statistics. Ideally, they are also familiar with Python and R, as well as their most commonly-used libraries and packages. Basic responsibilities for an AI engineer include the following:

  • Establish business objectives for implementing AI.
  • Brainstorm with other IT team members to explore how machine learning concepts can be used solve specific business problems.
  • Develop proof of concepts (POCs).
  • Identify obstacles that could potentially put an AI-driven project at risk and research workarounds.
  • Create metrics to measure an AI project’s return on investment (ROI).
  • Promote best practices for data wrangling, data processing and project documentation.

Techopedia Explains Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An artificial intelligence engineer works with algorithms, artificial neural networks and other tools to advance the field of artificial intelligence in some way. These professionals may work on various types of artificial intelligence in different industries – for example, artificial intelligence for healthcare, artificial intelligence for retail, or artificial intelligence for public planning. Engineers may also be involved in researching different types of narrow artificial intelligence that focus on different capabilities.

Artificial intelligence engineers generally have computer science degrees or equivalent education backgrounds – many of them have their own pilot projects to show potential employers or collaborators. Some work in the network of open source communities that serves the development of open-source AI tools.


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