Vertical Align Middle

What Does Vertical Align Middle Mean?

Vertical align middle is a particular command in the syntax of the cascading style sheets web design markup language that helps to align various elements that are lined up next to each other. Vertical align middle is one of several commands, including "vertical align top" and "vertical align bottom," that change how these elements are viewed by the web user.


Techopedia Explains Vertical Align Middle

In order to use vertical align commands, elements have to be set along a baseline that provides a default for display properties. Engineers can then use the modifiers "top," "bottom" or "middle" or "text top" or "text bottom" as well as "sub supra" or "length" to position the various elements.

Cascading style sheets helps to generalize the web design process with templates that can be iterated for easier and more sophisticated design. Over the past few years it has been added to the underlying HTML markup language in the web designer’s toolkit.


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