Centricity Enterprise Web

What Does Centricity Enterprise Web Mean?

Centricity Enterprise Web is a product of the Centricity company licensed to various customers as part of the firm’s healthcare IT software line. The Centricity Enterprise badge has been discontinued as the company has pivoted toward a more particular focus on electronic medical records for healthcare providers.


Techopedia Explains Centricity Enterprise Web

In 2003, Centricity began offering its flagship products, Centricity EMR and Centricity Physician Office – Practice Management. The Centricity brand had already, at that time, been taken over by GE Medical Systems. Eventually, GE began to move Centricity away from hospital and facilities services, and toward software for individual doctor’s offices.

In internal documentation, GE calls Centricity Enterprise an "advanced Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) designed for community hospitals, academic medical centers, and integrated delivery networks."


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