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Turnkey Security

What Does Turnkey Security Mean?

Turnkey security is a type of security product that is made to be transferable between clients and fully set up to use “out of the box,” in contrast with either customized products or products with a significant DIY element. Turnkey security solutions are meant to be easy for customer firms to use, to minimize the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.


Techopedia Explains Turnkey Security

The definition of turnkey, a service that is fully set up and ready to go, applies in particular ways to digital security services. For instance, in the cloud computing world, turnkey products and services correlate to the idea of “multi-tenant” systems where clients can add themselves into an available public cloud, each getting the exact same security without customization. The alternative, a private cloud security service built specifically for one customer, would be an example of a traditional “build to order” model. In addition, experts might describe open source community supported security software options as more DIY than turnkey. The differences show how security firms are approaching the task of helping clients to protect their valuable data assets from unauthorized access.


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